Jake and Tara are experienced personal trainers with years of experience in their specialty fields. Functional fitness is at the core of their training philosophy, meaning that they don't train for superficial results but strive to see their members maintain a functional and active lifestlye.

Jake has a relaxed personality but is serious about your health and wellbeing. He believes in lifestyle habits and that your success in all areas of life is determined by these.

After suffering multiple injuries that took him to a dark place, Jakes experience now sees him working with people guiding them back into healthy lifestyle habits.

For those looking for a holistic personal trainer then Tara is the trainer for you. Tara specialises in training woman through all stages of their life, whether that's wanting to feel your best for your Wedding day, being guided through pre and post natal exercises, maintaining lifestyle through menopausal years and staying functional there after. Tara's approach is to  build community by bringing people together and to see you live a healthier and fulfilled lifestyle.

What is functional fitness ?

Functional fitness is all about training to be able to do everything you want to do in your day to day activity without restriction or hinderance. This means our success isn't measured by weight loss or by muscle mass, it's measured holistically on your physical and mental being. We help people achieve their goals of being able to do everything they want to do without being limited by their bodies.



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